New Rules: Five Million New Jobs

This should not be difficult to imagine. Why it has not been accomplished before this is hard to understand. The U.S. import deficit is largely due to Chinese products. Now many will say that is because they are less expensive. Not necessarily true.

The unemployed and underemployed are being dealt a bad hand by the undereducated and inexperienced. What is really happening is no job means unemployment insurance, food stamps, and medical care furnished by the government and for that what do they get? No job, no skills and a feeling of worthlessness.

The U.S. gladly gives the Chinese nearly $400 Billion dollars a year in trade deficit and borrows it back as well as paying the social costs. Further and further in debt and more citizens lost from even unemployment insurance.

How about the U.S. do something smart. Take a $100 Billion and build industrial centers that give people jobs making things imported from China. No need for unemployment, food stamps or government paid for health care. The government essentially mismanaged international trade. Now do something smart to fix it.

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