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Carnegie Mellon University - Open Learning Initiative

Classroom Notes:

View the video. Discover the advantages of the online open learning system for independent learners and college students. Learn how to use the system, and view the list of Open + Free Courses offered by Carnegie Mellon University.

The following comments are offered to current and past students for consideration. Comments are not requirements or official positions you must follow. Use them as best meets your objectives.

The study hall provides a sample demonstration of how students and learners might utilize the Online Open Learning offerings to supplement, or refresh, current or prior learning.

Schools and organizations linked to own and are responsible for the content of their material.

Explore the organizations and schools listed under the "Online Open Learning" listing in the footer. Online instruction from day one, grade one - through college level including science, is available free from KHAN Academy.

Some organizations and schools offer complete programs and individual courses. Most offerings are free to audit (monitor for personal improvement), or may charge a limited fee for certificate of completion.

Many offerings include videos of classroom lectures, complete degree program descriptions, individual course syllabus, online reference material and texts, individual assignments, and exams to be downloaded.

Build your own personal library from the downloaded material. Study when and where you desire.

Study Routines: Research the Online Open Learning offerings for individual courses or complete programs to create the equivalency of the following: (Refer to descriptions on the bottom of the Education Tab)

1.) Independent Learners: Emphasis of three-six courses which are typical to a two-four year degree subject core.
2.) Junior College: Two year program in a subject area that may include general education and an emphasis.
3.) College: Four year program in a subject area that typically inculdes general education, mathematics, and science foundation requirements for advanced study in a professional area.

What to Expect:

A Sample: Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT OpenCourseWare offerings.

NextLab I: Designing Mobile Technologies for the Next Billion Users. Includes the Course Syllabus - Lecture Videos - Readings - Projects - Download for Course Materials.

Typically, introduction to courses are casual in nature, and become more structured during later sessions. Formats include video, audio, slides and reading. That is to say, structure is random, depending on the instructor and subject. 

MIT OpenCourseWare - Introduction to NextLab Video 1

Software Programs:

Online Open Learning offerings will specify software to complete courses of study. Typical requirements are:

Microsoft: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, or programs with equal capability.
Adobe: Acrobat Reader, or program with equal capability.