Site Review: July 2020

Google Meet to be used for the site review. Dev Team review to establish purpose of the site:
  1. Site Name - Looking for a short and catchy URL.
  2. Topics to be used as Categories for postings.
  3. Color schemes, and images.
  4. Outside links to useful resources.
  5. Microsoft Teams has an online meeting application.
Comparison between Google Meet and Microsoft Teams for closed captioning.

Review Comments:

The following comments are for a brief test of the Free version of Google Meet which is excellent for basic functions and small groups.

Google Meet online video communication tool for small groups is a nice application. It functions well, however, the size of the screen is important. For large groups, the instructors station will benefit when it is linked to a television set used as a monitor. The larger the monitor the better the visibility and interaction between students and the instructor.  The Mail application also functions well for small groups.

Closed Captioning is highly functional. Delay time between speech and text display is minimum. A test using a television news program in the background, every word was displayed with correct spelling and grammar. Excellent.

Comparing Google Meet and Microsoft Teams reveals a basic difference. Google Meet is a creative suite of applications for individual personalities. Microsoft Teams is more structured as a business suite.

Thank You Google.